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How do British students choose university study abroad major?

There are many problems in studying abroad that we need to do our homework in advance and fully understand. The United Kingdom has always been a popular place to study abroad, how to choose a school is the most important thing to study abroad, choose a school prone to two situations: one is the spurt school was rejected, the other is the bottom of the school is too poor, apply to do not want to go. Today and choose the school emperor to understand the British students how to choose a university to study abroad major, I hope to help you.

1. Is exclusive discharge more important or comprehensive discharge more important?

Before you answer this question, ask yourself: What do you plan to do after your master's degree.

If you choose to return to China after graduation, you now have two offers of logistics, one is Cranfield University which is the best in the UK in terms of logistics, the other is Warwick University which is ranked top 100 in the world in terms of comprehensive ranking, which one will you choose? When this question is answered by HR of domestic enterprises, 90% of them may give priority to graduates from Warwick University. Many universities in the UK have excellent majors, but their overall ranking is relatively low, and they don't even participate in the overall ranking. Let me mention a few schools that people who are not professionals in the industry may not have heard of: LBS, AA School, Cranfield. Therefore, for students who plan to return to China after graduation, it is more helpful to choose a school with a high overall ranking for their future employment.If you want to find a job in the UK after graduation, some UK universities offer 1+1 courses, a one-year master's course plus a one-year internship (most schools are paid internship), compared to a one-year master's degree, there are more opportunities to stay in the UK for employment.

2. The geographical location of the university

I have listened to the lecture of a famous teacher in China before. When choosing a school, I try to choose big cities and coastal areas, especially for the students who study finance and business management. In the UK, there is no such situation as uneven regional development in China, but the geographical location of the school is also an issue that must be considered.

Before you answer this question, ask yourself: What kind of personality do you have? Do you prefer a quiet or busy life?

In contrast, there is only one first-tier city in the UK, London. If you like a busy and fast-paced life, you can choose London. If you like a quieter environment, you can choose some capital cities other than London, such as Edinburgh. In addition, every British

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